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Colorful discs from Dario Moreno...

One of the fist recordings of Dario Moreno made in France was "Quizas, Quizas", in 1948. Who could know what the future would bring ...
Jezabel was his first great success in 1951. By the end of 1954, Dario Moreno had become a a big star. Quand Elle Danse hit of the night clubs and Adieu Lisbone hit on the the radios, were among his songs of 1957. In 1958, came his most famous song: Si Tu Vas a Rio .
When 1959 arrived Dario Moreno was no more alone, but competing on domain of foreign singers with the Egyptian Dalida, the Spanish Gloria Lasso, the English Petula Clark, the Belge Annie Cordi and the Israeli Rica Zarai.
The career of Dario Moreno began to recede, with the advance of the "Ye-ye" music in the 60's, producing less and less records every year. His last recordings were 2 songs from the musical Don Quixote.

1965   Barclay 70818 M 1965   Barclay 70937 M 1968   Fontana 260200 MF
Fontana 260256 MF Fontana 261182 MF 1960   Fontana 460711 ME
1960   Fontana 460719 ME 1961   Fontana 460743 ME 1961   Fontana 460758 ME
1961   Fontana 460769 ME 1961   Fontana 460801 ME 1961   Fontana 460813 ME