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Books Refering to Dario Moreno

A life starting in a extremely poor familiy in Izmir and extending to the heights of fame in Paris...   Death catching him in the airport of Istanbul as he was preparing to return to glory...  There is no book telling this fairy tale like journey. But still, there are books mentioning Dario Moreno...

Asansör ve Dario Moreno Anıları   /   The Elevator and Memories from Dario Moreno
Yaşar Aksoy
İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi Kültür Yayınları - 1993   /   Izmir Municipality Publications - 1993
The study of Yaşar Aksoy on life in Izmir and Dario Moreno. 45 pages out of a total of 235 are dedicated to memories from Dario Moreno.

There are articles from Yaşar Aksoy, Tamer Gediz, Ergun Gümrah, İlknur Alptekin, Fecri Ebcioğlu, Sezen Cumhur Önal, Mario Levi, Engin Noyan, Evelyn Avidor and Yehuda Yabgez.

Fecri Ebcioğlu's article:
Some can't forget him, some don't know him
In the days I was writing lyrics for Adamo, I received a phone call from Dario. He was calling from Paris. He said "I am a Turk, will you write lyrics for me ?" I answered that I could. And I wrote two songs for him. This is how the song "Sea and Moonlight (Deniz ve Mehtap)" emerged. Dario recorded my lyrics. After a certain time, he came to Istanbul . And he told me that he wanted to meet me. I told him that I did not know him, but that still, we could meet. I was suprised when I saw him, because we were knowing each other from the days he was singing at the Ankara Tea Garden in 1947's. Dario too was suprised when he saw me. "Aren't you Fecri, our goalkeeper?" he said. I really was suprised. We had a vey nice friendship. "The Girls of Istanbul ( Istanbul'un Kızları)" was the last song I wrote for him. I believe, Dario was a seminal artist of his class, in Paris.
Yaşar Aksoy
Etki Yayınları - 2008   /   Etki Publications - 2008
Yaşar Aksoy's poems about Paris and Istanbul.   One poem goes to Dario Moreno ...
Bir Magazin Nostaljisi   O Yıldızlar Hiç Sönmesin   /   A Magazine Nostalgia   Let Those Stars Never Fade Out
Tayfur Göçmenoğlu
Belsan Basın Yayın Şti - 2008   /   Belsan Publishing – 2008
This 864 pages book about the stories of many Turkish stars has four pages on Dario Moreno.

The section on Dario Moreno starts with the description of a festivity reseved to those of the third sex, in a tavern situated at the Mezarlikbasi district of Izmir, which Dario Moreno, present in Izmir for the openin of the Ephesus Hotel, is attending. During his interview the next day Dario Moreno would say “I missed my friends”, and avoid the details.

“He was so filled with love and longing for Izmir, that he would almost cry. I was born in Asmalimescit. I lost my family very young. The jewish community placed me in a orphanage. When I reached a certain age, they found me work. I would carry lunchboxes to jewish businessmen and craftsmen from their homes to their offices. Then they placed me to the office of a lawyer. I started doing errand chores. I always sung when I was alone in the office.” <
“I was born in the most beautifull city of the world. I grew up, unaware of my ill fate.”

The section goes on with the life story of Dario Moreno.